Skilled Rapper Joye Marelyn Takes Creative Control in New Single and Music Video “Woodlands”

Kevin Joiner, better known by his stage name Joye Marelyn, is an Atlanta-based rapper who has recently released a new single called “Woodlands” along with an accompanying music video. His music emits a dark and mysterious tone when it comes to production and his fast-paced yet composed lyricism adds to the thriller-like ambience he manages to convey through his sound.

In this track, Joye displays his persona as a fearless player making it known he dominates gangsters and women alike. He displays his exuberant confidence in both his words and his music video, filmed in an equally eerie and dim setting to match that of the single’s production. 

Joye Marelyn doesn’t fail to shout out his Atlanta roots with the video for “Woodlands” being shot in an Atlanta museum. The lack of visitors to the museum makes for a disquieting realm of emptiness for the rapper to display his assertive personality. He makes a presence in each room and creates a space for his own, cleverly utilizing the museum props in a way that makes him seem in charge of the environment in itself. In a strange yet unforgettable addition to the scene, Joye Marelyn is accompanied by several others wearing raincoats similar to his, yet in bright yellow, differing from his, which is in pink. They stand and sit in statuesque positions, always behind him as he is visually claiming his position as the person in charge. Surely there was no mistake in making him stand out in the video, as it will only add to his way of standing out in the music world. 

Listen and watch the music video to “Woodlands” now, available on YouTube and Spotify. Also be sure to get updates on more releases from Joye Marelyn through his Instagram and Twitter accounts.