Urfi Javed covers her assets by using Cabbage-inspired pasties

Urfi Javed, a popular Indian television actress, often makes headlines with her unusual style statements. The social media star loves to wear bizarre outfits and shock everybody. The 25-year-old is back with another bold outfit in the latest photoshoot.

In the photoshoot, influencer and actress Uorfi can be seen covering her breasts with cabbage-inspired pasties and posing in unzipped jeans. The Bigg Boss OTT fame shared her latest photoshoot pictures on her Instagram and broke the internet.

While some of Urfi’s fans are praising her outfit choice, many people are criticizing her for being too bold and provocative. The actress is no stranger to controversy and has always been known for her bold and fearless personality, and the recent photoshoot is the perfect example of it.

Image Credit: Instagram @urf7i

The pics went viral as soon as they were posted on social media. Urfi Javed can be seen hiding her assets behind green-coloured pasties that have eyes printed on them. The social media sensation also gave a shoutout to her stylist.

Many social media users started criticizing the star for her outfit and told her to dress decently. Though Urfi has been trolled for her latest style statement, we have to agree that Urfi Javed is not afraid to be herself.