Why You Should Become the Face of Your Business – Learn it from MHD owner Mahashay Gulati

Today, every brand market itself in order to promote its products and services. Companies include human face or character or celebrities to their brand campaigns so that they can form strong human connections.

The value of the personal brand is something that businesses around the world are slowly starting to realize. There are some brands where people of the brand act as the face of their business and one such brand is MDH, among others.

Yeah, often we see TV ads with Mahashay Dharampal Gulati – the man who owns MDH, or Mahashian Di Hatti, the famous brand of spices in India. ‘Mahashay’ has become the iconic face of the company by featuring in its advertisements. The 99-year-old is featured in a number of the brand’s television and print commercials, thereby making MDH one of the most recognizable brands in India.

When handled properly, having a strong personal brand as the face of your business brand can end up being an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Having Gulati as the face of MDH has helped brand MDH to form a strong human connection with its audience. Believe it or not, connecting with your consumers on a human level not only enables you to boost brand engagement but also it increases conversions. And Gulati is doing it brilliantly since its inception in 1953.

Besides, becoming the face of your business gives you an identity. Of course, your logo can also be used to identify you, but being the face of your business will be more personal, and consumers would be able to relate with you even better. 

The truth remains the audience connect with the personal brand better than they can ever connect with logos. So build your strong personal brand and then becoming a face of your business will help your consumers to quickly identify and relate human traits and will also help you establish your brand as friendly and relatable amidst competition. 

Just like Gulati has been doing for so many years now. He is an instantly recognizable character who has successfully made spices even more personable. 

Studies show that consumers are even more likely to remember your face than your name. And that’s the reason many brands are now creating memorable personalities in an attempt to set themselves apart from the competition. 


Becoming a face of your business that forms a connection with your audience and creates an identity for your brand sets you apart from your competitors – even when their products are reliable and have a great story.