Ben Chilwell’s Beautiful Ex-Girlfriend Cartia Mallan: Bikini Beauty and Beyond

Love may come and go, but radiance stays forever, as proven by Australian content creator and model Cartia Mallan. While her short-lived romance with Chelsea star Ben Chilwell made headlines earlier this year as Ben Chilwell’s girlfriend, Cartia has moved on, embracing life with grace and showcasing her radiant self on social media. In a recent Instagram post, Cartia dazzled her followers with stunning photos in a tiny bikini, exuding confidence and positivity.

Cartia Mallan, age 25, and Ben Chilwell, 27, captured the public’s attention when they went public with their relationship on Valentine’s Day. The pair shared glimpses of their love on social media, painting a picture of a happy and affectionate couple. However, as quickly as their romance began, it ended in June. Cartia has continued to live her best life despite the breakup, proving that happiness is a state of mind.

Cartia’s recent Instagram post showcases her vibrant spirit and beauty. The Australian model posed in a tiny bikini, radiating confidence as she played up to the camera. The backdrop of Byron Bay’s sun only added to the allure, emphasizing Cartia’s happiness and contentment. Her caption, “Happy to be back in my favorite place on earth!!!” reflects her physical location and positive mindset.

Fans showered Cartia with compliments, acknowledging her radiant energy and the beauty that Australia brings out in her. Comments like “You are literally radiant, my little koala” and “Australia looks so good on you” flooded her post. Followers praised Cartia’s beauty, expressing admiration with comments like “So so so pretty” and “You look so beautiful, girl.” Cartia’s authenticity and positivity resonate with her audience.

Cartia Mallan is not just known for her past relationship with Ben Chilwell; she has carved out a niche for herself in the world of content creation and modeling. With over 509k followers on Instagram and continuous growth across platforms, Cartia has become a recognized face among UK Creators since moving to London in 2022. Her work with global brands such as Rimmel, YSL Beauty, Samsung, Skims, and Nars highlights her influence and appeal.

Cartia Mallan is more than just a model; she advocates for self-love and body positivity. Through her channels and podcast, “Common Chaos,” Cartia openly shares her journey and encourages her audience to embrace themselves fully. Her collaborations with major brands echo her commitment to promoting inclusivity and diverse beauty standards.