10 Curly Hair Tips To Make Your Curls Bounce This Year

Do you have curly hair that currently is the opposite of curly? For those with straight hair, it’s a relatively fuss-free experience in keeping it looking good. However, when hair has texture and in your case, curls, it can make management of that hair, a lot harder to deal with.

However, curly-haired readers don’t despair. There are a lot of helpful tips and resources online nowadays that are helpful for those who are looking to improve the appearance of their curls in 2023.

If you’re someone who has curls and wants to make them bounce, then there are certainly a number of useful tips that can help you achieve that without needing to be an expert.

With that being said, here are ten curly hair tips to make your curls bounce this year.

1. Understand what your curl type is

What type of curl do you have? If it’s a question that’s stumped you and you have no idea whether you’re a 3c hair type or have 4a hair, it’s something to get clued up on.

There are a number of curl types that you can get. For those who have no clue whatsoever, here’s a quick breakdown that might be worthwhile to have:

  • Type 1s are straight
  • Type 2s are wavy
  • Type 3s are curly
  • Type 4s are coily

You’ll also go through sub-classifications of A to C. These are based on the diameter or the width of the curl, wave, or coil. Type As will have wider pattern sizes, type Bs will have a medium size, and type Cs will be the smallest of the three.

That’s pretty much the basics when it comes to hair types and understanding where you land is going to help greatly. Every hair type and pattern size is going to require a different approach when it comes to treating the hair. From the type of products you use to how you maintain your hair on a daily basis.

The first step to making your curls bounce more is to know what type of curl type you actually have.

2. Only wash when it’s needed

A common mistake that many people make, regardless of what hair type they have is washing it every single day. Washing your hair every day might make you feel clean and fresh. However, what it does do is it pulls all of the natural oils and nutrients from your hair.

This results in your hair being affected greatly when it comes to the health of it. The more washing you do, the more damage you do as a result.

When it comes to curly hair and hair in general, you should only be washing your hair as and when it’s really needed. Ideally, if you can refrain from washing and conditioning your hair, sticking to a routine of once or twice a week, you’re likely to see a big difference.

If you’re someone who hates the thought of greasy hair, then consider adding a dry shampoo to your routine so that you can pull any excess oils from the hair instead of having to wash it. Again, this is something you should limit but it can help with the interim between hair washes.

3. Use the right products

When you’re dealing with curls, it’s important that you’re using the right products. For those with curly hair, there are specific types of products to use, as well as products to avoid. 

To help maximize the health and bounce of your curls, it’s worth starting off with a pre-poo. This is where you prep your hair ahead of shampooing. Coconut oil is considered the class pre-poo when it comes to treating your hair.

You can then go in with a shampoo or if you’re looking to avoid washing your hair too much, consider a conditioner which you wash your hair with every two to three days. A deep conditioner is a great follow-up to this, especially for adding more moisture back into the hair.

Alongside these products, you’ll certainly want to consider some curl creams that are specifically formulated for those with curly hair.

By having the right products, you’re more likely to see better results with your hair, and more importantly, those all-important bouncy curls. Deep conditioners are great for when you’ve had too much exposure to heat – for example, going on holiday recently.

4. Be careful when drying your hair

Drying your hair when you have curly hair is essential because if you simply try and towel dry it, it’s likely to go frizzy and lose that all-important bounce in the curls.

Image Credit: Raphael Lovaski @ Unsplash.com

In general, it’s useful to avoid towel drying your hair because it is most likely to cause breakage. This is the same for any hair type and instead, it’s useful to get yourself an old tee that you don’t mind becoming worn and damaged over time.

You may have heard something called plopping. While it’s a typical thing for those with curls to do, this can also be a useful method for any hair type. Plopping is a heatless method of drying your hair and it causes less breakage as a result. You’ll wrap your hair in a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt to help your hair dry.

5. Take care of your scalp

While your hair is important to look after when it comes to your curls, it’s also essential that you spend time on caring for your scalp. After all, that’s where the hair comes from! Stimulating the scalp is a good way to help maintain the health and growth of your curls.

With that being said, consider any treatment and massages you can apply to your scalp in order to keep on top of it. There are lots of oils and hair masks that are great for applying to the scalp in order to keep it in good condition.

6. Make sure you have the right tools

While the right products are important to creating those bouncy curls, the tools you use are also essential.

For most of those who have curly hair, they’ll likely be aware of something called a diffuser. This is a lot better to use than a hairdryer because it disperses the air more evenly, reducing the frizz and damage to the follicles.

It’s the perfect blow dry for your curly hair and it’s something that doesn’t use as much heat, which is always good when it comes to maintaining the health of your hair.

Make sure to take a good look online for the best diffusers as well as other heat products that might be helpful for your hair. A hair steamer is a good tool for investment when it comes to curly hair. This tool helps to add moisture back into the hair, which is important when you’re trying to achieve more bounce.

7. Detangle your hair

Detangling your hair is a good way to help prep the hair before showering and with curly hair, it’s something you use when doing the pre-poo method. Separating the hair strands is going to help ensure every piece gets moisturized and gets all of the products you apply to the hair.

Detangling can also help to reduce breakage, which is why it’s important to stay on top of brushing your hair. Do it before going into the shower and remember to keep a selection of hair combing tools on you for when you need it throughout the day.

8. Protect the hair from heat

Protecting your hair from heat is important, especially when it comes to curls. They can easily become frazzled from heat, which is why when applying heat, you want it to be relatively low where possible.

However, it’s not just heat from styling tools that you need to be aware of, it’s the heat you get from those sunny days too! Using an SPF spray for your hair is worthwhile investing in to protect your hair from burning. It’s also recommended to get a hat or some sort of head scarf to help cover the hair from too much heat exposure.

Image Credit: Adam Winger @ Unsplash.com

9. Improve your haircare as you sleep

Your haircare is something you also want to focus on when it comes to falling asleep. When it comes to your curls, you might want to think about using a hair cover in order to protect your curls whilst you sleep.

Another good suggestion is to use a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases are great for preventing breakages in the hair, as well as less frizz.

10. Take regular trips to a hair salon with curl experts

Regular trips to the hair salon are important and they’re even more beneficial when you’re speaking to curl experts. Be selective with where you go for haircare and cuts to your hair. Ideally, you want someone who is well-versed when it comes to treating clients with curls and textures of all types.

Hopefully, these curly hair tips will help reinvigorate your hair and bring those bouncy curls back. Even if you don’t feel experienced in treating curls, it’s all about learning the ropes and improving your skills over time. Stick with it, it’s worth it!