Ayoub EL HARIRI – the man behind the revolution in the gaming world!

We all dream big, want to achieve big, and leave a trail behind. But how many of us actually succeed in accomplishing what we aspire for?

Hardly a few!


Because they not only dare to dream but also push themselves beyond challenges, obstacles, and hardships. The famous American political figure, diplomat and activist, Eleanor Roosevelt has aptly quoted, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” 

And the quote very well relates to Ayoub EL HARIRI, the man who brought the revolution in the gaming world. The 29-year-old entrepreneur hails from Morocco has successfully accomplished his dreams. The guy knows no limits. He worked at Reach Robotics as Head of Software and Games and developed its consumer gaming and educational robots. It was he who built Reach Robotics from the ground up. His hard work and tenacity have helped him achieve major milestones. From building his company from scratch and taking it to new heights to becoming an SME leader in 2019, Ayoub proved that hard work pays off. All you need to do is just focus and work towards your goals! 

With no mentors, at the age of 14 Ayoub started developing consumer gaming and educational robots. Today, he owns his own company, named GravTech. Ayoub is the CEO of GravTech, who not only handles numerous teams, but also looks after the engineering at the studio.

With his dedication and firm determination, Ayoub could take GravTech to new heights. The company aspires to be one of the leading gaming simulation companies in the world. Determined to take the lead, he, along with his team, is working his fingers to the bone to achieve their goals. The GravTech team is busy working on developing and e-publishing.

Speaking about his success at such a young age, Ayoub gave entire credit to the SME Leaders programme and said, “This course has helped me improve as a leader. Mentoring has provided critical advice and support through changing companies and goals. The coaching has helped me identify and overcome weaknesses, both as a leader and as an individual.”

Ayoub EL HARIRI is now determined to expand its footprint by growing GravTech Games franchises. His team is working on esports, large-scale multiplayer games, and cutting-edge realism. Dedicated to achieving new heights, he has even adopted artificial intelligence and procedural generation to enhance gamers’ experience with larger video game studios.