BTS’ V Gears Up for First Solo Album: Collaboration with Renowned Art Director Min Hee-Jin Revealed

After BTS member Jungkook’s successful solo debut, the spotlight now turns to V, also known as Kim Taehyung, as he prepares to release his first solo album. Big Hit Music, the management agency of BTS, recently confirmed that V is working on his solo project in collaboration with the esteemed South Korean art director, Min Hee-Jin. The announcement has sent ARMY (BTS’ fandom) into a frenzy, eagerly anticipating the new music from the K-pop idol. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting collaboration and what we can expect from V’s solo endeavor.

Min Hee-Jin’s Reluctant Acceptance:
According to an official statement from Big Hit Music, Min Hee-Jin was approached for the collaboration last year but initially hesitated to accept the offer due to her busy schedule. However, after observing V’s attitude, passion, and vocal tone, she decided to join forces with the BTS member. As the general producer of the girl group NewJeans and the CEO of Hybe’s subsidiary agency ADOR, Min Hee-Jin brings her expertise and creative vision to V’s solo project.

A Unique Approach to Music:
Min Hee-Jin revealed that instead of following a familiar style, they focused on creating music that they truly wanted to make and could execute exceptionally well. Despite their hectic schedules, this approach resulted in an interesting production that captures V’s tastes and preferences.

V’s Excitement and Gratitude:
V himself expressed his emotions about embarking on his solo journey. He admitted to feeling both nervous and happy as he prepares to release his first solo album. He assured fans that the album would showcase his individuality and offer an abundance of captivating experiences. V acknowledged his efforts in keeping ARMY’s feelings in mind while crafting the music, making it an album that fans can anticipate with excitement.

A New Side of V:
The BTS member promised that his solo album would reveal a different side of him compared to his role in BTS. While the details of the album release date, cover, and concept photos remain under wraps, ARMY’s anticipation continues to grow.

V’s Impressive Solo Discography:
V is no stranger to releasing solo tracks and OSTs for popular K-dramas. From collaborating with fellow BTS member Jin for Hwarang’s OST “It’s Definitely You” to his acting debut, V has proven his versatility. His previous solo releases, such as “Sweet Night” for Itaewon Class and “Christmas Tree” for Our Beloved Summer, received much acclaim. Moreover, songs like “Singularity,” “Winter Bear,” and “Snow Flower” showcase V’s musical prowess and artistry.