Dr. Mohamed Mashally, ‘Doctor of the Poor’ Laid to Rest

Dr. Mohamed Mashally, who was famously known as the ‘Doctor of the Poor’ has died at age 76. The late doctor was born in the village of Dhahr Al Temsah, in Beheira Governorate. Dr. Mashally, who specialized in internal medicine, fevers, and pediatrics, did his graduation from Qasr Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine. 

In the year 1975, he opened his private clinic in Tanta, and for many years he used to charge just 5 pounds (less than $0.3), which he increased lately to 10 pounds ($0.6). Moreover, he used to refuse the fees from poor patients, this is why he became famous as ‘The Doctor of the poor’.

He was appointed to the rural health sector in Gharbia Governorate and was promoted to the position of Director of the Endemic Diseases Hospital, then Director of Said Medical Center until he got retirement in 2004.