Grab a free copy of “Cancer As I Know It” by Author Sidharth Ghosh

Sidharth Ghosh, famously known as Flying Sidharth, is a Cancer coach, a transformer, a marathon runner, a biker, and an avid traveler. Since 2008, he has been a runner and has participated in several marathons post his cancer treatment. He has even been featured in Star Sports “Believe Me Story”, “YourStory”, and several other media houses. Sidharth is a cancer survivor, who firmly believes that strong willpower and positive mindset can lead to positive outcomes. With these two, even a cancer patient can become a cancer warrior.

He is an IT Professional who was diagnosed with a rare type of Cancer in 2014, and his life came to a standstill. It was just after running a full marathon he was diagnosed with Cancer. He went through a tough time and eventually realized that doing some simple things in life could transform him into what he always wanted to be.

Sidharth has written a book ‘Cancer As I Know It.’ It’s not his hardships that you are going to read in this book; it is about the steps that he took and could make the difference. He has shared Six Simple Steps To Beat Cancer And Feel Awesome in the book. The book is available for free on National Cancer Survivor Day. You can claim your free copy today and learn to live with pride and enthusiasm, regardless of the criticality of your illness.

Sidharth fought the disease head-on and went back to running and sports within a year of his lifesaving surgery. YOU CAN ALSO DO THAT, to know HOW DO READ THE BOOK!!

Stay Healthy & Stay Fit!!  

Grab a free copy of the book……. Click on the link below to download your free copy on June 7, 2020