Interview with Fantastic Mr Marcel

Hello Fantastic Mr Marcel, Welcome to Blackbird News! What inspired me to write this music?
Well, it came about from my experience between an interracial and very close friendship. It was a hard time between the both of us and the strains our friendship went through, so I decided to write about it because it meant a lot to me and it was a really tough experience fighting with a close friend.

Was writing it in response to something significant that happened in my life?
It was a response to how I felt at the time, therapy healing and understanding of the bittersweet situation and I wanted to evoke and express that with song.

Where was I when I wrote and recorded it?
Well its taken about almost three years to make this song because of the process and growth and constant changes. So I guess it got to a point where me and Jake Edwards felt it was right we decided to let go. I also had to let go and allow jakes process as a creative to be what it will be as I try to try the creative process. Whatever will be will be. It took me about 6months or more to write this song as just couldn’t find my bearing on the track to express exactly what I wanted to say, I didn’t know how to flow at all on the music and as always id write the song and delete it all. I wrote this song 4 or 5 time and deleted it all until I felt what I felt it needed to be. i wrote it all in my bedroom and recorded it at studio when it was done. 

What are the ideas behind my music?
Sad songs are my forte and my ideas are always to create and write somethings who h tell a story, creates a picture in your mind and flows from begging to end with like a movie, expressing all the emotions and depths I feel, which is mostly melodramatic, dark, over the top and really vivid with how I feel and truthful, and making sure the energy of how I feel is received.

What’s the connection between me and the collaborators?
Jake and I are friends who meet partying, decided to make some music together from mutual love and bromance and the song was born!

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