Oregon Rapper NORD Advocates For Women’s Rights in The Music Industry

In the scape of a male-dominant mainstream music industry – Carter Davis (NORD), a musician and artist originally from Portland, Oregon is advocating for equal opportunity between genders through his recent collaborations with notable female musicians. This 18-year-old has already contributed to projects from the likes of Pop titaness’ Rebecca Black and Addison Rae, further pushing the fact that women can be just as talented as men in the music industry. With other popular female artists rising to fame within the past decade such as Megan Thee Stallion, Kali Uchis, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift, the young Oregon rapper and artist hopes to continue his spree of collaborations with some of this generation’s most listened-to women talent.

Rebecca Black, a renowned Pop musician who has previously credited NORD for songwriting on her debut LP titled “Let Her Burn”, referred to the Oregon talent as a “songwriting prodigy”. Carter (NORD’s real name) has been infamously recognized by his fellow collaborators as a musical perfectionist with no equal, and continues to manifest his opportunities within the competitive nature of the modern music industry through his independent, diligent work.

NORD’s advocacy for women’s rights isn’t limited to the music industry, however. He is also promoting women’s rights in places where they seem to be nonexistent. He defends all women who might be the targets of discrimination. In countries where women are not encouraged to pursue higher education, the young rapper is actively involved in projects to support the creation of schools for young females. Activists like Carter Davis (NORD) understand the value of equal rights regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and or race within modern society and its corresponding opportunities.