China is not ready to stand another Xi Jinping

Chinese authorities have banned Chinese President Xi Jinping’s lookalike from social media for ‘violating leader’s looks’.

Liu Kequin, an opera singer in Berlin, had an account on Douyin, a Chinese social media app called similar to Tik Tok since 2019. His looks, especially his short hair and square face, made him resemble the Chinese President. However, due to the growing authoritarianism in China, Kequin is censored online, and his account is also banned for “violating the leader’s looks”. 

And when Kequin tried to make another account on the same app, he was censored again as his pictures looked like the official portraits of the Chinese leader. As his resemblance to Xi is considered “sensitive” by Chinese authorities. 

His pictures and instructional videos, in which he is offering energetic tutorials on singing, have also been censored for the same reason. 

However, he is not the only one who resembles the Chinese President. An unnamed food vendor who became an internet sensation in December last year also resembles Xi a lot.

Either Chinese authorities are overly-critical of Jinping’s image, or probably they do not want to have another Xi, as one is enough! 

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