Stacey Jackson To Hit Your Speakers This Summer With A Rebooted Anthem

Stacey Jackson is known for many things, including being a talented singer/songwriter, an executive producer at 3B1G Records, and the founder of StaeFit Sportswear. Outside of her plethora of career choices she is an activist and philanthropist as well as a very dedicated mother. It’s no surprise that she continues to thrive in the entertainment and social space.

One of her most notable achievements to date is her hit song “Live It Up Feat. Snoop Dogg” which ruled the charts back in 2011. The song is a club hit and had many people dancing all year long with it’s rhythmic beats and signature Snoop Dogg cameo. Fans could not get enough of the song, so that’s why Stacey and Snoop Dogg are releasing “Live It Up: Rebooted Feat. Snoop Dogg” for summer 2021!

The year 2020 was a lot for people to handle and the prospect of vaccinations being rolled out and people being allowed to be near each other again has people craving the club scene. This song will be the perfect addition to the most jam-packed summer ever and will be a hit at a family reunion or boujee downtown club, everyone will love it. 

She as been busy working on new content for fans, including a cameo appearance in the award-winning comedy film “Reboot Camp.” In the film, she performs the track “Live It Up” that she wrote and sang with Snoop Dogg. In the wake of this exciting collaboration the record has been reproduced and remastered as “Live It Up: Rebooted.” The record is also set to be released this summer alongside the film’s debut, which will be available on all ODTV platforms.

Stacey has many club and dance hits to chart in the United States and United Kingdom including “I Just Wanna Disco” and “This is Love.” Snoop Dogg is a known Rap icon with songs such as “Drop It Like It’s Hot’ and his ever hilarious friendship with Martha Stuart. “The songs I create are meant to make people feel happy and dance. I want to inspire them to get off their tush and just ‘press ‘play’ and move,” said Jackson.

For some background, Jackson had been singing in bands since she was 15 years old, performing around the world in Montreal, London, and New York. She first broke into the dance music world at age 40 when one of her singles was remixed by a producer associated with the charity, Music For Youth. 

Once her career started she was instantly catapulted into the top ten on the dance charts, sitting in between Lady Gaga and The Scissor Sisters. She didn’t want to stop at just music and created her fitness brand, StaeFit. StaeFit has patented workout clothing technology as well as videos to help fans get fit for the summer (and all year round). 

Get ready for this hit to drop, you’ll be hearing it everywhere! 


It’s always tough to juggle a career with raising a family.  You’re constantly being torn in different directions. Everyone hears that to be successful at anything you need to focus 100 percent. So, there is no doubt I felt a lot of guilt turning some of my focus onto building my career. My hubby also worked and travelled a ton so there is no way I could have done it without the support of my mom who spent a lot of time in London with me when the kids were young. She filled in some of those gaps. But if I didn’t follow my dreams, I wouldn’t be a whole “Stacey”. And a happy Stacey is definitely a happy mommy. So finding the right support network from family, friends or a nanny/babysitter is the key. It takes a village, no? 

I started off a bit insecure about how I would be perceived as an older person breaking into an industry where the “newbies” are typically younger and more impressionable.  But I didn’t want that to stop me. I had other life experience to help me navigate the crazy world of the music industry which I was able to pull upon – I didn’t need as much “hand-holding”. So, I ultimately felt like I fit right in. 

That said, I was also always conscious of not being mistaken for “mutton dressed as lamb”, which is a British expression for someone older trying to look younger than they are.  I also never wanted to be in a position that made me feel like I was ever “embarrassing” for my kids – that’s a bit tricky when you’re in stage-costume wearing hotpants and mega heels dancing in front of thousands.  But it’s part of the “show” of course. I just want them to be proud of me and for putting myself and my music out there.  

I’ve always been into health and fitness (In fact, I taught aerobics classes back when I was younger).  I always had a problem with finding the right sports top because I would get really irritated under my breasts from the trapped moisture. I also I couldn’t stand wrestling in and out of sports tops — pulling them over my head. I just thought there must be something out there in the way of a sports top that offered full-coverage and support but there wasn’t anything – only cropped bras or tops that had this very unsupportive and unflattering “shelf bra” in them. So, I just designed it myself! I ended up selling them on a UK home shopping channel. And I was thinking that maybe at one point I would develop a brand the signature StaeFit tops. So, I ultimately designed some great and very flattering leggings to go with it. The brand is still in baby stages because I’ve been juggling so much on my plate with the book and the music but even if I can help a number of other people who have the same problems with finding the right sports top, I think I’ve done a good thing for boobies everywhere! You can find Staefit tops on or

My daily routine would be to wake up with the kids, have breakfast with them and get them off to school. Then I do a HIIT class or a Barre Class. I have to work out every day. It clears my head and gives me so much energy. Then, depending on the day – I am in the studio or I am collaborating with my co-writer on the book or speaking with the team about the release of a new record… depends on what project I am focussed on.  But dinner time is always family time. That’s when there are NO PHONES on the table and we just catch up on everything about our days. And I love walking the dog with one of my kids too after dinner. It’s a nice way to get one-on-one time and a bit of exercise after a meal. 

I’m excited about what’s happening in 2021 I did a cameo appearance in a film called Reboot Camp where I performed the track Live It Up which I wrote with Snoop Dogg. So we’ve had the record remastered and are launching “Live It Up: Rebooted” this summer. The film also premieres this summer so lots to look forward to. I have an acoustic album also coming out off the back of that as well and another dance music album called Beach Party in the works (releasing summer 2022). My goal though this year is to get my musical book How Snoop Dogg Made Me a Better Mom out there. I co-wrote it with my friend and former journalist for The Times, Ruth Elkins and it’s edited by veteran author Nancy Lamb.  It’s the first completed book of a trilogy that’s in development.