Support the Nation by Adhering to the Government’s Directives

In the wake of COVID -19 there are shutdowns and all this is for the benefit of the nation. Nobody but we people and the nation as a whole will be benefitted by this. Being a citizen of this nation it is our duty to be respectful and adhere to the Government’s directives.

People who are taking things casually should understand that this is not the time for vacation…. In fact, this is the time to support your nation. It is not a time for the social gathering, it is a medical emergency, understand this! You will lose nothing if you don’t party or meet your friends for a few days. In fact, by doing so you will help your friends, your family members and your community to stay safe, healthy and uninfected. Be responsible, behave responsible. Stay safe stay indoors!!

Utilize this time to love more, pray more, play with your kids at home, cook for them… Teach them… You will enjoy all these things for sure. Create beautiful memories with your kids and loved ones that you can cherish tomorrow. Every now and then we crib for not spending enough time with family… Now is the time… Spend this time with your loved ones and your family members. Have some ‘ME’ time, which we all yearn for…..

#StaySafe #StayHome

“If you can’t go outside, go inside (within)”