The Top Fashion Trends in a Post-COVID World

In one of our previous posts ‘COVID-19’s Psychological Lessons To The Globe’, it was highlighted how an extensive and highly debilitating event like the ongoing pandemic could kickstart changes in many different ways. The challenges the global health crisis has presented have not only pushed us to change the way we think and feel about certain things, but also the way we perceive clothes and the brands we get them from. That said, here are some of the top fashion trends that will likely dominate in a post-COVID world:


In a post-pandemic world where cleanliness will be of utmost importance, many people will most likely shy away from pieces that are hard to take care of and sanitize. This is where dresses can come in handy. PrettyMe’s guide to dresses for petite women mentioned how there are a lot of garments out there that are not only available in flattering cuts and styles but are also made of materials and fabrics that you can easily throw in a washing machine without having to worry too much about the damage the machine might do. Dresses can also serve as great transitional pieces that will make the transition from home wear to work wear easy and effortless.


Remote working is here to stay. With the massive shift to remote work caused by the pandemic proving just how viable this working condition is, more and more enterprises are thinking about letting some of their employees continue working from home, even after things go back to ‘normal’. This possibility gives rise to a fashion trend where comfort wear is preferable to highly fashionable and intricate clothes. Since the need to show up to the office clad in the best suits and smart casual ensembles will significantly be reduced, if not eliminated, The Guardian’s article on ‘slob style’ emphasized that professionals will increasingly go after pieces that are both comfortable and comforting.


A lot of experts believe that the impacts of the decade’s greatest challenge to mankind wouldn’t have been this dire if the human populace hadn’t been so destructive and harsh towards the environment. Since the fashion industry is one of the sectors that greatly contribute to the overall degradation of nature, the pressure for them to change their traditional ways and become more sustainable and eco-friendly is, to say the least, intense. The United Nations Environment Programme’s article on sustainable fashion even went as far as to say that for fashion brands to recover from the staggering losses caused by COVID-19, they would have to be more sustainable and smarter with the materials they use. This is the only way they can regain the favor of the world’s progressive citizens who are now more aware of the environmental issues we collectively face.

It’s no secret that the pandemic caused massive changes to our lives in 2020, and many of these changes are likely to persist well into the decade. Hopefully, with a renewed interest in sustainability, comfort, and cleanliness, the fashion industry of tomorrow will be better poised to help the world recover from the pandemic’s effects.

Image by Hannah Morgan via