The ultimate guide to writing an Upwork proposal in 2021

Not getting jobs anymore? Wasting connects seems to be tough when you have a limited number of connections left for your proposal. If we talk about the free connects, that is only 10 connects given per month. Without writing a job-winning proposal, it seems difficult to find a job. Numerous people try to find a way toward writing a great proposal but that doesn’t matter when you don’t read the job. To be a top rated or rising talent on Upwork, you have to input efforts for writing proposals.

Beginners do mistake by saving a template and pasting it. Clients are quick enough to understand whether the proposal is a template or written with full concentration. Some tips might work while writing a great proposal.  Here are some tips that might work while writing an excellent job proposal.

What to add

  • Focus on what the client is saying. Reading the whole proposal and understanding the meaning of a given task will help you get through the job.
  • Match your skills with the job description. If it works fine and seems to be what you can do, that is the right job.
  • Start your proposal with greetings. If you know the name of the client, that would be awesome. While in other cases, you can monitor the client’s history if any, and easily find out the client’s name.
  • Be straightforward while writing your proposal. Write whatever the client is looking for.
  • Add bullet points that would differentiate the proposal from others.
  • Describe how you are the best fit for the job. Showing your past experiences related to the topic would be great.
  • Explain how will you conduct the job? A step-by-step method will help the client believe in your skills.
  • End your proposal with some great words. Inviting for the interview can be a great trick in such a case.
  • Try to think like a client. Imagine if you were the client and hiring someone. In such a case, you will be better to explain each and everything, and highlight the points which are needed in actuality.

What you should avoid?

 There are some points that could be important too if you are writing a great proposal. Focusing them and avoiding them in your proposal can let you guide to a better option. Here are something that should be avoided while writing a proposal.

  • Never try to repeat the things you have already discussed in your proposal. It will impose a bad effect on your proposal and will not attract the client.
  • Aviod adding “I” in the start of your proposal. I have seen many people doing this that can not be right in any ways.
  • Prevent adding monotonous tone that could damage the structure of your sentences.
  • Don’t add “Hi there!” New freelancers don’t know how to write a great proposal and commonly commit this mistake. I, myself, did this mistake as well.

All the above tips can be awesome to write a great proposal. If you focus on every aspect of the job, you can describe the task confidently.