TOP NINJA- Leon Bodden Finds Success In Music Industry

TOP NINJA- Leon Bodden is US Rapper on the increase who isn’t a stranger to life’s adversity. Overcoming tragedy and experience is his life story and some things that you would only imagine in books or see in movies has happened him. We take a glance behind the scenes running down the timeline of the young rapper’s life to find out more about his shocking story.

Leon Bodden in 2011, trained many underground rap artists under his brand 6-TMG mentioned as 6 train music group. After realizing that new artists and music composers have no idea about launching a rap career. In 2020, he came up with the thought of launching his own Indy label- Ninja worldwide. He knew that this Indy label will help tons of rappers gain influence through this initiative.

TOP NINJA- Leon Bodden

Leon Bodden studied computer science for five years and found it challenging to learn technical abilities that would put him on the cutting edge. This was the biggest obstacles had to face in his life. He now has vast experience in the growth hacking. Although, this challenge accelerated efforts in becoming what today; he addresses that you should always choose what you desire and have complete faith in it. Also, he offers great assistance to his followers. The foremost recent plan of Leon Bodden is to visit DR with some creative people and make music.

His music “Foreign Dream” hits 150000+ views on Instagram before its release.

In 2011, TOP NINJA and his ninjas made 6 Train Music Group, better referred to as (6TMG). In 2017, he made TOP NINJA MUSIC, a replacement New York City-based band that does music together, parties and travels around the world. Toward the end of 2020, he choose to rev things up a notch — Ninjas Worldwide. Arriving at the place, he’s in today; He realized his impact could change the planet. His business skills outside of music drives ninjas worldwide.

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