Understanding Twitter’s Recent Announcements: What It Means for Users

In a recent announcement, Twitter CEO Elon Musk revealed that the platform had surpassed a staggering 8 billion user minutes per day, indicating significant growth for the popular microblogging platform.

Along with this impressive milestone, Musk also shared a series of notable improvements that Twitter will undergo soon, including open-sourcing all the code used to recommend tweets.

According to Musk, this code transparency will take place on March 31, 2023, and will enable developers to see and contribute to the recommendation algorithm. The CEO believes that this move will lead to a rapid improvement in the quality of tweet recommendations, benefitting platform users.

In addition, Musk disclosed that Twitter will soon prioritize responses from followers, verified accounts, and unverified accounts, which is a significant shift in how the platform handles responses. This change is expected to significantly impact how users interact with each other on the platform.

Furthermore, Twitter will change its two-factor authentication (2FA) system, which will be limited to Twitter Blue subscribers starting from March 20, 2023. This new system will provide an extra layer of security for Twitter Blue subscribers, ensuring that their accounts are well-protected against unauthorized access.

Musk also shared in a separate tweet that Twitter will leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and bring attention to instances of public opinion manipulation in the near future. This move is part of Twitter’s ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and transparent environment for its users.

Finally, Twitter has introduced a new feature that allows iOS users to see the number of times other users have bookmarked their tweets. This improvement will provide users valuable insights, enabling them to better understand their tweets’ popularity and impact.