What We Know About Spenser Olson in 2023

Spenser Olson is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and internet personality. Spenser made a name for himself with the release of his first album titled “Your Love for Us” in 2016. He has been releasing music sporadically ever since. Spenser has been in the industry for over 10 years. Most notably his recent release of his single “All Those Lies” featuring a seemingly new to the music scene, Allen Corrigan. Very little is known about Allen Corrigan or how the collaboration occurred, but nonetheless “All Those Lies” is a very well produced, well rounded, and catchy pop song that has had much success in the Christian music genre. It is streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and all other platforms. Spenser’s recent single was released through record label Studio Sixteen Music Group. Spenser launched this label earlier this year with hopes to grow it into a full scale record label. According to their website “music that inspires” seems to be their motto.

Spenser Olson was born on February 3, in the year 2002 in Dallas TX. He is 21 years old as of the year 2023. Olson is currently living in Alabama. Spenser Olson’s zodiac sign is an Aquarius. Spenser has made an occasional instagram post, but overall very little knowledge. As of 2023, Spenser has accumulated a net worth of $5 millions USD. Spenser’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Earlier in 2023, Spenser summarized his music for Ascendant Magazine as “meaningful, evolving, and honest”. He has made statements that he wants his music to push boundaries and reach the most people possible. In 2022 speaking with the news station 280 Living, Olson said  “I wanted to release a youthful, catchy tune for this upcoming season with a simple message that will resonate deeply in listeners’ hearts” In my opinion, this shows that Spenser wants his lifestyle and beliefs of Christianity to be conveyed through his music in a fun and enjoyable format. Olson has managed to succeed at creating cutting edge, mainstream quality music in the past and we are interested in what is to come in the future. Fingers crossed we get new music from Spenser later this year.