When love makes you weak – new song released by Ethan Gontar – ‘Wildest Dreams’

All relationships have their good and bad moments, but some hard times may be really tough to get through. That’s what Israeli musician Ethan Gontar addressed in his latest song “Wildest Dreams”, which was released on March 20st in collaboration with Shay Vagner.

The song describes the story of the relationship between a man and a woman. They met when they were children, they grew up together creating many memories. The focus of the song is on the dreams the two created as initial jokes when they were little, and that then came to life when they grew up as a couple in love. In the middle of their relationship, their connection seemed to have come to an end. The man talks about his feelings during that hard time, when the dreams they made for their future together appeared to never come true. When a relationship ends, there may be numerous reasons that come into play, in this case, his lover did not want to be with him anymore, and the struggle and pain that affected the man for her decision, are vivid in the lyrics.

“Why don’t you say I’m what you need?” The suffering from being in love with someone that does not love you back anymore can be tough. Your feelings are unaltered, but the other person does not feel the same for you as in the past. How can you accept that the person you loved the most, does not want to be with you anymore? This realization makes the main character of the song feel weak, it seems there is nothing he can do to get her love back, her feelings seem changed forever. The man feels left alone, only with memories and unrealised dreams of their future together.

The song then describes their love before the break-up, how good things were when they were both in love with each other, and creating dreams of their future together. Even though the hard time they had seemed unfixable at the time, from the video clip we can see how the wildest dreams they made together when they were children, saved their relationship in the end. They finally took together the trips they had planned for so many years. The video shows their wild adventures in nature around the world, and how such realization of their childhood dreams saved their relationship from ending.

The lover cannot understand why such love had gone away in the past – “Why have we ever stopped our thing?” he says. Hard times are always difficult to overcome, but when love is so strong as theirs was, struggles can be beaten. All their memories and plans for the future were too strong to be left on the side. Their “Wildest dreams” finally came to life when they decided to reunite and take the trips they dreamed of for years. As we can see from the last scenes of the video, they were able to make it up for their relationship and managed to grow old together in love. Their love got stronger thanks to their childhood dreams coming true. When the relationship seemed to be falling apart, they made every effort to make it work. When your love is strong, you can overcome any hard time.

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