Why Kool Rula Need To Be An Artist On Your Radar

An artist’s range is his ability to adapt to any genre, production type, cadence, or flow, maintaining an unmistakable style and approach. It is a very important trait of an artist and it can really mark the difference between a good artist and a mediocre one; can they modify their music and lyrics to fit the situation in the best way possible? Can they change their type of approaches in the function of the delivery needed by the occasion? If yes, they have clearly a wide range and at all the effects gained the right to be called an artist. Now, having a wide range is a thing, but and mastering it all too, is a skill that cannot be learned or taught, it is an instinctive trait that constantly pushes the boundaries of the artist’s creativity. Kool Rula is one of these rare, chameleon-like, talented rappers and he continues proving himself song after song, after a great job on DJ Chipman’s “Get Out the Way” the South Florida artists keep moving forward with the release of the visual for “Relentless”.

The track showcases Kool Rula’s ability to deliver clever lyrics with a fast-paced flow and captivating melodies and also the great alchemy between him and Lexx Lunar who is featured in the song, the result is a good mix of vibes, melodies, and visuals. For the occasion, the Miami native artist chooses a military tone, with a lot of rawness, mud, and a real-life functioning tank to complete the picture, this choice pairs perfectly with the electronic type instrumental and the statements-filled lyrics.

“Ain’t no switching sides” he raps making it really clear how loyal he is to his “side” and his people, not changing for any reason; actually, the title is a statement itself, giving already a glimpse of what type of artist Kool Rula is or furthermore, what type of per- son he is and what he believes in.

This track highlights a new, different side of the emerging artist and is just the last one of his songs among hits just like 2019’s “smacking” and the previously mentioned DJ CHIPMAN “Get out the way” and has already amassed thousands of views and streams on different platforms consolidating his progress.

We sure have to stay tuned to find out what else Kool Rula is working on and to follow the development of his career, already knowing that we will not be disappointed. Check him out on www.instagram.com/officialkoolrula