Defiant Gareth Bale’s future in doubt

Defiant Gareth Bale believes that last year when Zinedine Zidane dropped him for a Champions League game against Paris Saint-Germain, it was the beginning of the end at Real Madrid. 

By leaving him out, Zidane’s message that he did not trust Bale in the biggest matches was clear. The two hardly spoke for the rest of the season. 

When recently Bale returned to London to visit his agent, Zidane clearly said that he had permission to go. After the game on Saturday, when Bale celebrated behind a flag, Zidane requested the fans to remember his achievements and said, “I have said before, we need our fans with us. There’s a lot of noise, too much. He wants to be with us and do well and he’s done that. Talk, talk, talk, it’s not necessary. He’s a big part of the group and we are together.” 

Further he said, “He is a player that has the ability to help us a lot, he looks for space, has a good shot, can score. He was magnificent and we will need him for the challenges ahead.”