When Artistry Meets Medicine: How Dr. Omidi Became One Of The Most Successful Plastic Surgeon In Beverly Hills

Dr. Michael Omidi, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a double-board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills specializing in facial and body plastic surgery. He is known as the “go-to guy for noses” performing 4-6 rhinoplasties per week.  

He has broad training including, abdominal surgery, trauma surgery, breast surgery, and later pediatric surgery at Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago and Miami Children’s hospital. He was a magna cum laude graduate and later served as the Chief Resident and Instructor of Surgery at Northwestern University Hospital.

“My training as a breast and abdominal surgeon before going into the field of plastic surgery allowed me to have the confidence to evolve current cosmetic procedures.” He is the innovator of the “Mannequin Breast Lift” completely changing the way breast lifts are being performed. Dr. Omidimaintains board certification in breast and abdominal surgery through the American Board of Surgery.  

What is your favorite procedure?
“In the last 10 years I have placed my focus on rhinoplasty surgeries and it is my passion. Every nose is different and every face is different. A beautiful nose on one person does not look good on another. Every nose requires a tailored approach to achieve not only a beautiful nose but one that is beautiful for you.”

Dr. Omidi comes from a family of artists.  “My mother is an impressionistic artist and sculptor drawing portraits and landscapes using oil and acrylic.”  He sketches faces and sculpts from rocks as a pastime. “ I don’t believe every successful plastic surgeon needs to be an artist.  Sculpting and drawing gave me two abilities that serve me every day,  visualizing the final outcome and creativity to think outside the box.  Prior to any surgery, the surgeon needs to envision the outcome and a path to that outcome.”

Dr. Michael Omidi performs a 3-dimensional morph on every patient on consultation  ‘The best tool this century in rhinoplasty is 3-D morphing. I love it because now patients can see exactly what my goal is instead of describing with words.”

Dr. Michael Omidi is well regarded by his patients and peers alike.  He was named one of the 10 best Rhinoplasty and Breast Surgeons by cosmetic town journal.  He has been ranked #1 of 248 plastic surgeons for 5 consecutive years by ratemds.com. He is the author of numerous manuscripts and peer-reviewed articles.  He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society of Maxillofacial surgeons. He is the founder of No More Poverty organization and has led numerous missions to Vietnam, the Philippines, Mexico, and Colombia to treat children and adults with head and neck tumors, congenital deformities of the face and hands, and burn victims.  

To know more about Dr. Michael Omidi visit: www.michaelomidi.com and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @drmichaelomidi