Is It Easy to Get A Job with CCNP Certification?

Many people choose to take a certification, such as CCI certification, CCNA Security certification and CCIE certification, the most fundamental reason is to enhance their competitiveness, so that they can be more popular in the industry market, find a job easily, and pay more. So many people will think about before the examination, whether it will help their personal career. For example, many network engineers want to take the Cisco CCNP certification, senior level certification. So does the certification of CCNP help them get a job with ease?

Can I Find A Job after Getting the CCNP Certification?

You will consider whether you can find a job after taking the CCNP examination. The big reason is that considering the gold content of the certification, we will talk about the gold content of CCNP. CCNP is not the highest level of Cisco certification, so the gold content of CCNP is certainly not comparable to that of CCIE, but there must be gold content of CCNP, CCNA is also the same. 

Since the last Cisco certification system update, the new CCNP has improved to some extent. Why do we say that? In the last reform of Cisco certification, a big change is that the new CCNP exam is divided into core examination and optional examination, and the core examination is the same as the written examination in the corresponding direction of CCIE. In other words, you can pass the core test of CCNP, and then pass the optional test to become a CCNP. You can also study CCIE experiment directly, take the experimental test, and become a CCIE. While the flexibility becomes very high, the gold content of CCNP is also affirmed.

Whether get the CCNP can find a job or not, in fact, CCNP certainly helps to find a job, but it is also wrong to attribute whether it can find a job to CCNP. What does that mean? To understand it simply, there are many factors that affect whether you can find a job. You can’t say that a CCNP can find a job, or that you can’t find a job without a CCNP.

Now the Internet industry for Cisco certification is very recognized. If you get CCNP, then you can easily prove your ability. After all, Cisco is behind your back. Of course, this is only limited to that you are not a paper, you really have the technical content.

Ability Is The Key

CCNP can be the icing on the cake for a network engineer. For the Internet industry, capability technology is the most critical thing. There are many factors that affect whether a CCNP can find a job. You can’t say directly that if you are a CCNP, you will definitely find a job. After all, when a company recruits partners, it considers many aspects. Ability is the key. In addition, it also takes into account personal character, values and so on.

Can I get a job after taking the CCNP? It’s not an either-or issue. There are too many factors affecting it. However, it is certain that CCNP is helpful in job hunting. If you want to go better in this industry, SPOTO still suggests you take the CCIE test. The gold content of this certification is higher, and you can get CCIE, which can prove your technical ability, because the CCIELab is not simple.

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