Rapper Mooluh releases single “Beg for It” featuring rising sensation S3nsi Molly

Rising rap-star Mooluh has released his debut single ”Beg for It” under Create Music Group, featuring one of Arlington’s most prolific artists of the year, S3nsi Molly. The collaboration is powered by Bushwick Productions and Gutta TV in lieu of a recent distribution deal made official in September. This deal gives Mooluh the green light on releases with them throughout the upcoming months and year, in 2022.

The relationship between executive production and distribution seems promising for Mooluh under these recent terms. Beg for It, produced by Serbian super-producer YungDza (mainly responsible for Cardi B‘s major hit single Up,) is a record that sits on its highest potential of sound. It is predicted to make its rounds on social and mainstream media as its catchy and vibrant influence infects those listening. 

With its official music video (produced by Louieknows & Knows Studios) releasing on the 18th October, this record is sure to be a hit. Beg for It was musically executed by Victor Borja and Matt Miller for Bushwick Productions. It is mastered and engineer by King Luko and Cody Shallow. It is powered by Demarcus Adams for Gutta TV & Create Music Group. 

You can stream it everywhere here: